Three Ways to Love Your Brand


Our brands are living, breathing entities that ultimately evolve over time. Your services might change, your menu might be updated and your technology might be completely new, but your brand will remain true, if managed, nurtured, and loved. Here are three easy ways to Love Your Brand.

Listen. Really listen. Hear what people think about your brand without judging, even if the process makes you emotional.

Find out how all members of your company or organization define your brand. Regardless of the employee’s position, the results should be fairly consistent. If they aren’t, chances are your message isn’t a unified one.

Don’t be tempted to stray. Commit to your brand.

You’ve invested time and resources into learning what your brand is – and is not. Once you’ve established your brand, don’t muddy it up by deviating from your brand standards. Playing around with new, trendy fonts just because they seem exciting in the moment is a slippery slope.

Let it know you love it. Make spending time with your brand a priority.

Caring for your brand means being consistent. Your message and tone should always be on target, and your colors and typefaces should be standardized both internally and externally. Invest in the best photography you can afford. Create a standards guide and share it with your marketing team, new hires and anyone who has the opportunity to communicate on your brand’s behalf.

And remember….

Your brand is much more than just your logo. It’s the summation of every interaction and communication you have with your audience. Take good care of your brand and it will take care of you!

Not sure if you love your brand as much as it loves you? Give us a shout!

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branding a bold, new firm: fulmer group

Fulmer Group Logo by S DesignThere’s a new law firm in Oklahoma City touting more than a shiny new look. Fulmer Group was founded by Simone Gosnell Fulmer and is comprised of a passionate and collaborative set of individuals committed to serving the community in the areas of insurance bad faith, personal injury, mass torts and other claims.

Our team was excited to help this pioneering law firm discover its brand. Our process started with a thoughtful dig into the minds that make up Fulmer Group. We sought to understand their perspectives and their missions. The result was a realization that this was not your average law firm, but a truly progressive group dedicated to restoring faith where it is needed most – the justice system.

We designed both a logo and a logotype for Fulmer Group that together created a dynamic identity system. The logo design demonstrates the intricacy of law and the collaboration of Fulmer Group’s team through the fusion of the F and the G into an abstract monogram. This mark focuses on the intricate skills of the attorneys. If you look closely, you can find a loophole, something Fulmer Group does routinely. The logotype, on the other hand, demonstrates strength in its solid, classic letterforms.The complete brand identity and its essence is the foundation for the design of Fulmer Group’s website, stationery system, social media platforms and introductory video that you can view below.

We are thankful that such a tenacious group chose us to help brand their new business and have enjoyed working with Fulmer Group as an extension of their marketing team. When revolutionary firms, like Fulmer Group, root their cause in our community, they put Oklahoma City on the map in more ways than one. Fulmer Group is a great example of a socially conscious business model.


10 Signs You Love Your Brand

Happy Valentine’s Day!

What better way to celebrate the holiday than by showing your brand some love? You’ve worked hard for it, so don’t forget to give it the TLC it needs to maintain its impact on your audience. Here are ten signs that prove you’re loving your brand day after day.


Branding a Budding Business: Blalock GI Care

blalock gi care logo by s design inc

Blalock GI Care, a new medical practice founded by Dr. Deborah Blalock, specializes in colon cancer prevention, the treatment of gastrointestinal disorders, nutrition and digestive health. Dr. Blalock is a board-certified Gastroenterologist and one of the few female Gastroenterologists in Oklahoma City.

When Dr. Blalock was ready to start her own practice, she called us. Our team at S Design was excited to help brand this promising new business. We began with research of Blalock GI Care’s budding culture and goals through our brand positioning process, to ensure that the identity we created would fit her vision. The process revealed valuable insights about the brand, and what differentiates her practice from others. It was refreshing to learn that Dr. Blalock calls all patients herself with their results and is known for her caring demeanor and ability to calm patients before and during their procedure.

The new logo pairs two interwoven ovals to signify the relationship between Dr. Blalock and her patients. Each smooth curve interlocks to represent how Blalock GI Care incorporates professionalism, education, reassurance and care into their patient experience. The completed brand identity and message are integrated into her website, brochures and other marketing tools designed to introduce the practice to the community and help patients find her to book an appointment.

Dr. Blalock and her team inspired us with their passion to reduce colon cancer and increase the number of healthy people in our community. We sincerely enjoyed working with Blalock GI Care and look forward to its doors opening on February 17, 2015.

s design inc develops blalock gi care website

blalock gi care brochure and appointment card designed by s design inc

blalock gi care Facebook graphics designed by s design

blalock gi care stationery system designed by s design inc

dr deborah blalock caty mills sarah sears

Our Favorite Ways to Spend the Holidays in OKC

Most of our team shares Oklahoma roots and cherishes the opportunity to stay home for the holidays to watch the city’s holiday spirit come to life. We relish a chance to trade hectic travel plans for a stay-cation that allows us to enjoy timeless OKC traditions and (for those of us from across the ocean) exciting, new holiday events. We’ve put together some of our favorite holiday happenings and a few details about what makes them special to us. We hope you and your loved ones get a chance to make merry memories of your own at some of these events this year.

S Design_Winter Shoppes_Logo

Winter Shoppes at Myriad Gardens
We’re excited to see the Winter Shoppes new logo in action and can’t help but light up when we see our work come to life. Go check Winter Shoppes out for yourself! You’ll love the variety of stores and gifts tucked into little blue chalets nestled in the beautiful Myriad Gardens downtown.

Kiwi Crate at Winter Shoppes
One of our favorite spots is the Kiwi Crate shoppe. The San Francisco-based Kiwi Crate has a passion for encouraging creativity and curiosity in children. Stop in to buy custom designed craft projects for the holidays, or give a gift any child would love – a monthly subscription to one of their four crates for all ages. Each month is a new project! Kiwi Crate’s Vice President of Marketing, Lara, was in our Business Development Director, Katherine’s, wedding. So we couldn’t miss a chance to send a shout out to this amazing company!

Full Circle Bookstore at Winter Shoppes and 50 Penn Place
Our fearless leader, Sarah, loves to research things, so much so that we often tease her about it. She’s always digging up new ideas and sharing them around the office, and we sometimes have to tell her to “put the book down.” One of her favorite places to do research is a cozy, family-owned spot called Full Circle Bookstore. Its floor to ceiling shelves are filled with incredible books to satisfy even the most curious of customers. A pop-up version of Full Circle can be experienced at the Winter Shoppes at the Myriad Gardens.

Oklahoma City Ballet Presents The Nutcracker
The most highly anticipated holiday event in our office is the Oklahoma City Ballet’s production of The Nutcracker. More than a few of our team members at S Design played roles in The Nutcracker at one point in their childhood from an angel to a soldier to party boy #1. This year, there is something exciting to look forward to thanks to Devon Energy’s significant investment into never-before-seen sets and costumes. We hope to see you in the audience.

Oklahoma City Lights Up
Now that we’re smack-dab in the middle of the holiday season, you might have found yourself venturing off your everyday route to chase a curious glow coming from the next street over. Don’t worry! You’re not alone in your wanderlust. Some of our office mates have even started making it a tradition by plopping the kids in the car with blankets, hot chocolate and christmas music to “ooh and awe” at the lights in our nearby neighborhoods. This week, we heard about the lights in Nichols Hills and are choosing to take the long way home.

The list of holiday events in Oklahoma City that will surely create lasting memories doesn’t stop here. We encourage you to get out and explore all that this thriving city has to offer. Check out Downtown in December for more holiday events and attractions in OKC.