8 Ways Design Can Strengthen Your Business

People ask us all of the time how to improve their corporate standards. So, we have come up with eight simple ways design can contribute to that improvement.

1. Consistency

A consistent message and visual style across your marketing media improves your organization’s recognition.

2. Quality

It’s true that first impressions are important. If you have a well-designed brand identity and consistent marketing materials with beautiful layout, typography, photography or illustration, they will enhance the perceived quality of your business or organization.

3. Communication

Thoughtful and straightforward key messages that reinforce your overall strategy will secure the attention and understanding of your audience.

4. Memorable

Memorable marketing materials present your message to your audience in a way that speaks to their emotional and intellectual sensibilities while engaging them visually.

5. Efficiency

Establishing standards and parameters for your brand identity saves time and money when implementing your brand standards across a variety of media.

6. Culture

A strong brand image inspires customers and employees and engenders champions for your organization.

7. Return on Investment

While brands are only as strong as the reputation of the organization they represent, great design can increase perceived value and therefore increase sales, rally support for a cause or bolster attendance.

8. Strengthen and Capture Market Share

Companies like Harley Davidson, Target, Apple and Ikea have all used design as a business strategy to dominate their market and inspire customers to action.

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