2008 addy awards

The 2008 ADDY Award Show, presented by the Oklahoma City Ad Club, was a huge night for S Design and our clients. Nearly doubling our best year to date, S Design won 15 awards, including five gold ADDYs.

We honor all of our clients, and invite you to check out a few pieces of award winning work.

Schlegel Bicycles Logo ADDY Award
S Design received four ADDY Awards for Schlegel Bicycles’ brand identity projects. The creation of their new brand identity coincided with the opening of their new retail space located in historic Automobile Alley in downtown OKC. Schlegel Bicycles’ logo and other identity pieces were crafted to reflect the nostalgia surrounding their new location while harkening to the timelessness of cycling and its appeal to all ages and ability levels. Schlegel Bicycles is a top 100 bike shop in the U.S. and was featured in the Jan./Feb. 2008 issue of Oklahoma Today. Check out their site at www.schlegelbicycles.com.

Schlegel Bicycles Exterior Signage ADDY Award
Keeping in tune with the cultural location of the shop in historic Automobile Alley, S Design created a sign that would both blend in seamlessly with the nostalgic surrounding and grab the attention of the passers by. The bicycle wheel, integrated in the sign, rotates.
S Design also won ADDYs for Schlegel Bicycles’ stationery and mechanic shirts.

Oklahoma Forward Brochure ADDY Award
In order to accomplish the goals set for them by the Governor and the Oklahoma Legislature, the Department of Education needed to request an unprecedented increase in budget. In order to convince the state senate to approve such a large increase, the department staff would need to communicate and convince the legislators of the direct correlation between the funding and the outcomes for Oklahoma’s children. S Design created a logo with which a very young legislative body would identify, emphasizing the race Oklahoma’s children were in with those educated in other states. We also developed this 24 page brochure to set the tone and organize relevant content including the line items in the budget request. Imagery of children in a race captures the reader’s attention and engages them emotionally to the cause, leading them to read further. The clean look and feel of the piece reflects fiscal responsibility and organization to build trust within the framework of government relations.

Oklahoma City Brownfields Project Logo Silver Merit Award
Fulfilling the client’s desire to appeal to a broad audience, S Design created an identity that conveys simplicity and ecologic responsibility as well as longevity and profitability. A modern, clean logo illustrates the purpose of the program–to take abandoned and environmentally unsound properties and help developers and investors apply for grant money to redevelop and reclaim these areas responsibly.
See how the Oklahoma City Brownfields Redevelopment Project is transforming Oklahoma City, and bringing beauty and life to the urban district at www.okc.gov/Planning/brownfields/index.html.

Oklahoma City Brownfields Project Brochure Silver Merit Award
S Design targeted this piece, introducing the Oklahoma City Brownfields Redevelopment Project, to bankers, real estate owners and developers in the area. By highlighting the environmental benefits and financial assistance available through the program, and showcasing recently completed local projects, this brochure succeeded in generating interest in environmental clean ups and redevelopment of urban sites in Oklahoma City.

Olympic Experience Logo Silver Merit Award
Olympic Experience Signage Silver Merit Award
The Head of the Oklahoma Regatta was to be a centennial event, attracting rowers from all over the world to a market relatively new to the sport. When it was determined that the regatta would serve as a qualifying event for the 2010 Olympics, the Oklahoma City Boathouse Foundation decided to host an “Olympic Village” to garner interest and support from the community. Oklahoma athletes from past Olympics as well as potential future Olympians gathered to represent their sport,  to meet citizens and to share the excitement and spirit with a new generation of spectators. Large elliptical structures stood in the space, marking the area for each sport. On the reverse of the elliptical, viewers could read terms from the sport, prompting discussion and questions for the athletes. Banners depicting athletes participating paired with other banners offering little known facts about the sport hung within the space, inviting the spectators to come closer and learn more about the sport. Children especially benefitted from the experience while Oklahoma athletes found a new enthusiasm for their representative sports.

D.C. Assembly on School-Based Health Care Logo Bronze Merit Award
Four awards in one category for S Design – thanks to this client who is providing health services for schoolchildren in our nation’s capital. The D.C. Assembly on School-Based Health Care is a non-profit that coordinates doctors, dentists and mental health professionals to provide pro bono treatment to children within public schools. These children are notoriously underserved and often do not have the funds or concern of parents to make certain that they receive health care elsewhere. By bringing the medical professionals to the schools where attendence is mandatory, these children are easily reached and treated. S Design created their identity to convey a brand that is approachable for businesses, political leaders and philanthropists, reflecting the cleanliness and stability associated with the medical services industry, yet still captures the whim and playfulness of children.

OCAST Annual Report Bronze Merit Award
As a state funded agency, the Oklahoma Center for the Advancement of Science and Technology must convince legislators and state leaders each year of their impact on the state economy in order to maintain its level of funding in the state’s budget. In the past, the report had featured dated images of unapproachable researchers paired with technical information about the studies the agency had funded. S Design aimed to update the look and feel of the piece while at the same time show the effect the agency has on improving the lives of Oklahomans as well as in contributing to a healthy state economy. Photographs of the researchers in more approachable postures paired with images illustrating healthy, happy citizens, speaks to OCAST’s mission and helps the reader to identify with and understand the importance of the agency’s funded program.

Other award winners included:

Silver Merit Award
Valerie Naifeh Bridal Ad
Valerie Naifeh Fine Jewelry

Bronze Merit Award
Hall Estill 20th Anniversary Invitation
Hall Estill

Bronze Merit Award
First Fruits Brochure
All Souls’ Episcopal Church

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