Branding a Budding Business: Blalock GI Care

blalock gi care logo by s design inc

Blalock GI Care, a new medical practice founded by Dr. Deborah Blalock, specializes in colon cancer prevention, the treatment of gastrointestinal disorders, nutrition and digestive health. Dr. Blalock is a board-certified Gastroenterologist and one of the few female Gastroenterologists in Oklahoma City.

When Dr. Blalock was ready to start her own practice, she called us. Our team at S Design was excited to help brand this promising new business. We began with research of Blalock GI Care’s budding culture and goals through our brand positioning process, to ensure that the identity we created would fit her vision. The process revealed valuable insights about the brand, and what differentiates her practice from others. It was refreshing to learn that Dr. Blalock calls all patients herself with their results and is known for her caring demeanor and ability to calm patients before and during their procedure.

The new logo pairs two interwoven ovals to signify the relationship between Dr. Blalock and her patients. Each smooth curve interlocks to represent how Blalock GI Care incorporates professionalism, education, reassurance and care into their patient experience. The completed brand identity and message are integrated into her website, brochures and other marketing tools designed to introduce the practice to the community and help patients find her to book an appointment.

Dr. Blalock and her team inspired us with their passion to reduce colon cancer and increase the number of healthy people in our community. We sincerely enjoyed working with Blalock GI Care and look forward to its doors opening on February 17, 2015.

s design inc develops blalock gi care website

blalock gi care brochure and appointment card designed by s design inc

blalock gi care Facebook graphics designed by s design

blalock gi care stationery system designed by s design inc

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