Keep it Fresh this holiday season

For us, the holiday season brings the promise of new opportunities, exciting festivities and gratitude for life’s blessings. It’s a time for being thankful as we give back and celebrate with friends and family. As designers and writers at S Design, we’re always striving to keep it fresh through each project we take on, and we’re always open to hearing new ideas and finding ways to keep our skills sharp.

In the coming weeks, we will share our ideas and adventures to inspire our community to find their own ways to keep it fresh in whatever way invigorates them; whether that be by giving back, donating to a charity or a simple act of kindness. Our pockets will be stocked with gift cards, notes of inspiration and peppermints in hopes that these small gestures motivate others to do the same.

Keep it Fresh - 2014 Holiday Campaign

As we surprise people with cool, fresh peppermint poppers and other minty goodness we hope everyone will keep it fresh this holiday season. Be sure to keep your eye on S Design’s Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts to see how we #keepitfresh through creativity, charity and renewed perspectives.

Check out our minty fresh downloads below:

in a pinch, custom wrapping paper:
In a pinch and need one-of-a-kind paper to wrap your special gift? Download one of our many, minty-fresh 8.5 x 11 custom designs, print it, wrap it and you’re ready to give a gift that will surely surprise its recipient.

Minty Things – Red
Minty Things – Green
Fresh Stripes – Red
Fresh Stripes – Green
Fresh Stripes – Red and White
Fresh Stripes – Green and White
Crisp Argyle – Red
Crisp Argyle – Green

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