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Account Manager Caty Mills Added to Further Build Client Services

Caty Mills, Account and Project Manager, S Design Inc.

OKLAHOMA, Nov. 6, 2014 — S Design, one of   Oklahoma City’s top marketing firms, continues to evolve its service offerings and has expanded its client services to include a dedicated account and project management professional. Caty Mills joins S Design from Premier Exhibitions, Inc. where she managed communications, public relations and logistics for multiple accounts and exhibitions worldwide.

Mills brings more than six years experience in business relations, logistics management, corporate communications and creative development from positions in marketing, communications and public relations.

“S Design feels very fortunate to have Caty on-board,” said S Design Principal Sarah Sears. “Her experience and talents are an integral addition to our current team. I love the energy she brings to every project.”

Mills has previously worked with clients in industries such as luxury hotels, food and beverage, travel and leisure, fashion and beauty, athletics and more. She has managed clients such as Four Seasons Hotel Atlanta, Titanic: The Artifact Exhibition, BODIES…The Exhibition, National Environmental Justice Conference and Training Program and several others.

“We continue to grow in response to the increasing demands on our business, particularly in the client services arena,” said Katherine Buxton director of business development. “It is essential to have a diverse professional with a myriad of experiences who can respond to every individual client, and Caty is the perfect fit.”

“S Design is a company that really understands the industry,” Mills said. “They have a vibrant energy that shows big things are happening, and I’m surrounded by highly qualified individuals. I am excited to be a part of the S Design team and look forward to working with them and their clients.”


About S Design

S Design is one of Oklahoma City’s top firms for strategic marketing, creative design and branding. S Design serves a national clientele with an unparalleled roster of established, award-winning graphic designers as well as up-and-coming talent. Since opening its doors in 1994, S Design has built an impressive and varied body of work for clients such as EMBARK, Red Coyote, United Holdings, The Oklahoma City Boathouse Foundation, OKC Riversport District, The Kirkpatrick Foundation, Myriad Gardens and the Oklahoma Department of Energy.

Branding the State of Creativity Forum

Once a year over a thousand innovators, entrepreneurs, educators and students, policy makers, technology experts and trailblazers gather in the great state of Oklahoma for the State of Creativity Forum hosted by Creative Oklahoma. On November 19 the Civic Center Music Hall in Oklahoma City was filled to the brim with those dedicated to promoting and influencing innovation in Oklahoma and around the world. Participants and speakers gathered from across the globe to take part in the event. Keynote speakers included Brad Moore, CEO of Hallmark Hall of Fame Productions, Nancy Kanter, Senior VP of Disney Junior Worldwide, and Peter Sims, co-founder of FuseCorps and author of “Little Bets: How Breakthrough Ideas Emerge from Small Discoveries.”

We were thrilled to be a part of such an influential opportunity for creative minds to network and communicate with each other about the growing global, creative economy. S Design was behind the branding of The State of Creativity Forum which included designing the posters, banners, gala invites, name tags, the conference program, postcard mailers, sandwich boards and more. The theme of the forum was Building Bridges and was inspired by the recent construction of the Oklahoma City’s landmark bridge, SkyDance, a sightly and soaring architecture that represents Oklahoma’s state bird.

When selecting a design direction for the event, we chose to illustrate the bridge in a printmaker style to introduce the concept of the active creative process. The design conveys both creativity and structure. These themes were prevalent in the Forum presentations and seamlessly integrated into the event and stage design by our friends at PDC Productions. The typography for the design was inspired by Bauhaus and reinforced the idea of the convergence of creativity through design, architecture, commerce and education. It was a pleasure working alongside the talented team at Creative Oklahoma and being a part of such a benchmark event for our city.


S Design Branded State of Creativity Forum Program

s design branded state of creativity forum program - inside



S Design Branded State of Creativity

S Design Branded State of Creativity


Gossamer Advisors Name + Branding


We recently completed a branding project for a development consultant company that included company naming, identity and logo development, stationery and a splash page. Gossamer Advisors works with organizations in the Oklahoma City area to ensure they have the ability to achieve or exceed their visions by maximizing fundraising.

Founder Evan Walter understands the inner-workings of the art and mechanics of fundraising from first-hand experience; he has worked on some of the most successful long-term fundraising operations in the country. His mission is to ensure every area organization has the potential to succeed, and in doing so, change the area for the better.

We thought it’d be fun to get Evan’s perspective on our process this time around. Here’s the Q&A!

  1. Why did you decide to start this company? I started Gossamer Advisors because of a passion I have to improve our communities. Without sound development programs it is difficult for nonprofit organizations to efficiently implement their mission, thereby adding to the adage, “No margin, no mission.” My goal, my mission, the reason why I created Gossamer Advisors was to help organizations make their development programs one of their organization’s most valuable assets. We do this by first starting with the “art” development and use that as the foundation for the “science” of fundraising.
  2. Was the naming and/or logo process different from what you expected and how? The naming process was a significant introspective exercise. The S Design team helped and pushed me to distill down to the core of why my company exists, and why it is so critical to the outcomes for clients we serve. I appreciated the hard questions they asked and the consideration they gave to every idea and word. Many times I would go off on a tangent without realizing it, and they stayed true and focused and would reel me back to the core of the company.
  3. Did you learn anything about your business that you didn’t know before, after going through our process? Yes, through the process I recognized other ways that I could reach and serve clients all over the world. This could have only come about through the relentless focus and discussion regarding what differentiates me from my competition and the unique characteristics of my industry which were all things that were thoroughly addressed in the early stages of the branding and naming process.
  4. What advice would you give someone else who is about to go through this process? Enter into the process with a very open mind. Push yourself to really consider every question and understand the “why” behind your answer. Stay true to who you are because your brand and name will be reflective of you, and the direction you take your business.
  5. What do you love most about S Design? They were not a bunch of “yes” people, they pushed me, and I pushed them. They wanted to capture the essence of my company in its purist form, and I valued that. I hired them for their expertise, experience, talent and that is exactly what I got. I did NOT hire them for their approval, that would have been a waste of money.

Aw, shucks. We’re thankful to have clients like you, Evan. Take a peek below to view some of the collateral and digital media we developed for Gossamer Advisors.





from sarah: sharing my experience with entrepreneurs from afar


Six years ago Terry Neese with the Institute of Economic Empowerment of Women (IEEW) asked me if I would be interested in mentoring a female business owner from Rwanda. I said yes and it was one of the most amazing experiences of my life. I became fast friends with Juliette, who owns a business similar to mine on the other side of the world. She lived and worked with me for one week — we were inseparable. As much as I was her mentor, she was mine and we stayed up late most nights talking about our families, our roles as mothers and business owners, as well as the environment for our businesses, processes and standards for work, and on and on. We found that we had much in common despite the continents that normally separated us. Our friendship is enduring and we still check in with each other fairly often, many thanks to Facebook.

Each year a new group of women joins this life changing program to learn about business and to build relationships with women entrepreneurs here in Oklahoma and around the US. I’ve been lucky to participate each year through presenting brand workshops, participating in events or mentoring. Last year I was paired with Salma from Afghanistan. You can’t imagine how complex it is to navigate the business world as a female consultant in Afghanistan!

This week I enjoyed the fundraiser and fashion show to support the program and also spent some quality time with this amazing group of women that have all been through the program before. It was fun to see them all again, share process and case studies with them, as well as look at the design and marketing of their businesses. This group are all leaders in their communities and they will take this knowledge home and share it with other female entrepreneurs. This wonderful program, “Peace Through Business,” is becoming a cherished tradition of mine.


PointBlue Technology Rebranding


When an IT provider comes calling, ready to transform the way Oklahoma uses technology to do business, it’s hard not to get at least little bit excited. S Design was thrilled when the team at Commoveo Technology came to us for help with a new brand and a strategic plan for changing its approach to the market.

Jerry and his team were clearly not your average IT firm. With a vast experience in larger scale IT environments, they maintained a passion for helping local smaller organizations find, source and utilize the software and systems that meet their custom business needs. Most importantly, they focus on personalized service in a field that too often comes up with standard, off-the-shelf solutions.

A new name was definitely in order. We landed on PointBlue Technology –  a team that leads the way to a clear blueprint plan for your technology.


A logo that translated their approach was our next task, and it was an obvious chance to have a little fun. We created “Blue,” the firm’s loyal, dependable and industrious mascot. Like the team at PointBlue, he never tires of working and will never leave your side.


Finally, we worked together to launch a website explaining PointBlue’s services in clear and easy-to-understand terms. Collaborating on layout, copy and programming helped us truly recognize the difference between PointBlue and many traditional IT providers. And it’s this personable and approachable commitment to excellence that makes us even bigger fans of the new technology experts on the block.



“S Design’s creativity is amazing. They put in considerable effort learning about who we are and about our vision for our company and community. They took that knowledge and worked closely with us to refine and sharpen our messaging. The result is a beautiful brand and a website that is crisp, clean, thoughtful and informative. We wouldn’t have been able to accomplish it without them.” – Jerry Combs, President, PointBlue Technology