Gossamer Advisors Name + Branding


We recently completed a branding project for a development consultant company that included company naming, identity and logo development, stationery and a splash page. Gossamer Advisors works with organizations in the Oklahoma City area to ensure they have the ability to achieve or exceed their visions by maximizing fundraising.

Founder Evan Walter understands the inner-workings of the art and mechanics of fundraising from first-hand experience; he has worked on some of the most successful long-term fundraising operations in the country. His mission is to ensure every area organization has the potential to succeed, and in doing so, change the area for the better.

We thought it’d be fun to get Evan’s perspective on our process this time around. Here’s the Q&A!

  1. Why did you decide to start this company? I started Gossamer Advisors because of a passion I have to improve our communities. Without sound development programs it is difficult for nonprofit organizations to efficiently implement their mission, thereby adding to the adage, “No margin, no mission.” My goal, my mission, the reason why I created Gossamer Advisors was to help organizations make their development programs one of their organization’s most valuable assets. We do this by first starting with the “art” development and use that as the foundation for the “science” of fundraising.
  2. Was the naming and/or logo process different from what you expected and how? The naming process was a significant introspective exercise. The S Design team helped and pushed me to distill down to the core of why my company exists, and why it is so critical to the outcomes for clients we serve. I appreciated the hard questions they asked and the consideration they gave to every idea and word. Many times I would go off on a tangent without realizing it, and they stayed true and focused and would reel me back to the core of the company.
  3. Did you learn anything about your business that you didn’t know before, after going through our process? Yes, through the process I recognized other ways that I could reach and serve clients all over the world. This could have only come about through the relentless focus and discussion regarding what differentiates me from my competition and the unique characteristics of my industry which were all things that were thoroughly addressed in the early stages of the branding and naming process.
  4. What advice would you give someone else who is about to go through this process? Enter into the process with a very open mind. Push yourself to really consider every question and understand the “why” behind your answer. Stay true to who you are because your brand and name will be reflective of you, and the direction you take your business.
  5. What do you love most about S Design? They were not a bunch of “yes” people, they pushed me, and I pushed them. They wanted to capture the essence of my company in its purist form, and I valued that. I hired them for their expertise, experience, talent and that is exactly what I got. I did NOT hire them for their approval, that would have been a waste of money.

Aw, shucks. We’re thankful to have clients like you, Evan. Take a peek below to view some of the collateral and digital media we developed for Gossamer Advisors.





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