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PLICO-Logo-H-RGBPLICO supports and protects healthcare professionals and entities through a variety of products and services, most notably as a provider of medical professional liability insurance. Started in 1979 by Oklahoma physicians to insure their individual practices, the company has expanded prolifically over the last few years. PLICO now encompasses a multi-state region and offers services and products to not only individual physician practices, but also to mid-level providers, medical facilities and hospitals. PLICO has special insight into the industry, as it is managed and operated by physicians and much of the staff came from the healthcare industry. This insight aides the company in providing the best value in the industry by offering excellent products combined with superior, personalized customer service and industry-leading risk management programs, claims and litigation support.

With the company evolving from a physician-only provider and its expansion into the midwest region, PLICO needed to update its branding to best reflect the company they have become today and will be tomorrow. PLICO needed an identity that felt strong yet cordial and caring, as well as visual touch points and messaging that would resonate with a younger audience while appealing to both large, medical entities and individual doctors.

With this in mind, S Design dove into developing the new brand identity. The process began by our working with the leadership team to understand and articulate the brand positioning based on research about PLICO, its needs, its brand applications and its environment in the market. We examined PLICO’s focus: who they are, what makes them different, and what is the unique value they offer their policy holders. Once defined, we created a strategy to implement a new image for the organization which included a new logo and website design as well as updating content and imagery to reflect the company’s new vision and brand.

The new logo has a clean, classic and professional aesthetic but is still friendly and approachable. The blue evokes care and trust and also ties back to the history of the company. Multiple, strong shapes come together to form one mark, which represents the relationships PLICO cultivates with insureds. A star is formed in the middle, which indicates PLICO is a guide to navigating risk management and liability claims. Finally, a subtle cross is found in the mark, which represents the medical field. PLICO’s new marketing materials have a high-end, business casual aesthetic with a contemporary secondary color palette to appeal to the next generation of physicians.

We spoke with Matthew Moore, Vice President of Business Development at PLICO and asked for his thoughts on the rebranding process with S Design.

Was the rebrand process different from what you expected and how?

I don’t think it was different from expected only because S Design did such a good job setting and managing expectations from the very beginning. We always knew where we were in the process and what was ahead that we needed to be thinking about.

After going through our process, did you learn anything about your business that you didn’t know before?

We gained a better understanding of how each department uses our branding and how to best integrate their needs into our execution.

What advice would you give someone else who is about to go through this process?

Be very communicative and intentional with your entire leadership and staff. Try to keep everyone excited, engaged and well informed.

What do you love most about S Design? 

The people are truly fabulous. We’re not the easiest client to work with, I’m sure, but they always make us feel like close friends and not just clients.

When great strategy and articulation informs creativity, and when your value proposition and messaging are designed to benefit and resonate with your customers, the light bulbs really start to go on across the organization and more importantly, with customers. We look forward to continuing our work with PLICO to keep its marketing materials inline with the new brand.

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