STUART & CLOVER: a rebrand to expand


One of Oklahoma’s oldest law firms was founded in Shawnee, Okla. over a century ago. Modest in scale but large in impact, Stuart & Clover carries a solid reputation and deeply-rooted history in its community. Its dedication to good business practices is represented by its relationships with surrounding municipalities and the people and businesses in its town. After over 100 years of influential results, the firm’s small town success developed into a desire to increase its breadth and expand into the Oklahoma City Metro, and more specifically Edmond. To mark the occasion, Stuart & Clover needed to update their brand identity to represent its growth in its services, culture and location.

To begin the process, the attorneys at Stuart & Clover set aside a morning to sit around a table with us and let us ask questions that greased the wheels for tossing around ideas, convictions and intentions for the firm. S Design turned that experience into a manifest that cemented the firm’s collective understanding of its brand, messaging and voice now and going forward.

This document served as a reference for the designers as they dove into logo development. When considering the new brand, they kept in mind that even though Stuart & Clover was expanding, the attorneys were firmly dedicated to their values as a full-service law firm that maintains the integrity of their small-town roots. They described themselves as high-tower lawyers at street-level, and it’s not every day a client gives us such an inspiring little nugget.

Because the Stuart & Clover brand was already well established in the Shawnee area, we wanted to showcase its worldly, small-town roots and down-to-business fashion, but denote a contemporary feel in order to convey its knowledge and sophistication. The mark we created is an abstract, artistic interpretation of the firm that takes cues from the art deco visuals of the Shawnee courthouse. The interior of the shape is abstracted from a tree, which is a symbol of history and strength with branches reaching up to symbolize growth. It also denotes Stuart & Clover’s branches of service. The mark has roots, which symbolizes Stuart & Clovers’ deep history and poignant reputation in Oklahoma and in the community, thus represents Stuart & Clover’s ability to create positive connections for their clients.

“The S Design experience was a positive one for Stuart & Clover,” said Stuart & Clover Partner Joe Vorndran. “The process not only allowed S Design to produce high quality professional marketing materials, but enabled our leadership to evaluate and bring into focus the firm’s core values and goals for the future.”

We truly enjoyed working with the attorneys at Stuart & Clover. Together, they encompass qualities that are a reassuring breath of fresh air in the practice of law. We designed their brand identity to be classic and sophisticated, which is a natural extension of their culture and client experience. This new image is serving them well in their expansion and gives clients a feeling of confidence when being represented by Stuart & Clover.




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