Three Ways to Love Your Brand


Our brands are living, breathing entities that ultimately evolve over time. Your services might change, your menu might be updated and your technology might be completely new, but your brand will remain true, if managed, nurtured, and loved. Here are three easy ways to Love Your Brand.

Listen. Really listen. Hear what people think about your brand without judging, even if the process makes you emotional.

Find out how all members of your company or organization define your brand. Regardless of the employee’s position, the results should be fairly consistent. If they aren’t, chances are your message isn’t a unified one.

Don’t be tempted to stray. Commit to your brand.

You’ve invested time and resources into learning what your brand is – and is not. Once you’ve established your brand, don’t muddy it up by deviating from your brand standards. Playing around with new, trendy fonts just because they seem exciting in the moment is a slippery slope.

Let it know you love it. Make spending time with your brand a priority.

Caring for your brand means being consistent. Your message and tone should always be on target, and your colors and typefaces should be standardized both internally and externally. Invest in the best photography you can afford. Create a standards guide and share it with your marketing team, new hires and anyone who has the opportunity to communicate on your brand’s behalf.

And remember….

Your brand is much more than just your logo. It’s the summation of every interaction and communication you have with your audience. Take good care of your brand and it will take care of you!

Not sure if you love your brand as much as it loves you? Give us a shout!

Your friends at S Design :)


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