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April Roundtable: Branding Case Studies – The Process & The Results

The old adage is true “seeing is believing.”

We believe that relevant design and targeted marketing can have a great impact on your bottom line

Join us at our April Roundtable as Principal Sarah Sears and the design team share examples of our most effective branding projects and the results our clients have seen. We’ll walk you through the strategic and creative processes, explain how we partner with our customers and outline the metrics we use to gauge success.

Whether you’d like to learn more about the role of marketing in achieving your organization’s goals or simply get inspired by some examples of great design, you’ll enjoy a behind the scenes look at how S Design works to help our clients accomplish big things.

Thursday, April 18, 2013
11:30 a.m. – 1 p.m.
The event is $20. Lunch will be served.
Space is limited and by reservation only.

Please reply by Tuesday, April 16 at 3 p.m.
RSVP here.

3120 West Britton Road, Suite S
Oklahoma City, OK 73120

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S Design Fiesta Event Invitation

Each year S Design hosts an open house party for clients and friends. This last year’s promotion for our 12th Annual Fiesta was one of our favorites and we had the largest attendance yet… Well, until this year!

Mazaheri Law Firm Logo

This beautiful mark was designed for Katherine  Mazaheri for her law practice. Katherine’s heritage is Columbian and so we found it fitting to create a monogram which is both a stylized condor and a  custom M for Mazaheri. The condor, the national symbol of Colombia, as well as many other South American countries, has historical roots in pre-columbian art. It is known as the eternal bird, symbolizing liberty, sovereignty and power, much like its North American counter part, the eagle. In the M shape, it creates a symbol of power while also enfolding its wings to shelter and shield those in need.


OCAST 2012 Impact Report

The challenge with this year’s OCAST Impact Report was to communicate quickly and effectively the process and revenue generated by the critical role OCAST plays in helping new science and technology in Oklahoma move from concept to marketplace. This year we added infographics to help simplify the information and streamline communication to legislators and other stakeholders. The piece was very well received.

First Financial Network Stationery System

First Financial Network’s stationery is a classic example of a high end services firm. Working internationally and competing with some of the largest loan sales companies in the world, First Financial Network needed their collateral to reflect the highest level of excellence and standards in the industry. The beautiful embossed mark on Crane’s Cotton stationery creates a stunning presentation.