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S Design, Inc. began in 1994 as a one-man—make that woman—operation, created through the hard work and determination of Sarah Sears, Principal, on a mission to introduce successful and effective design to mainstream Oklahoma. From the first days the doors opened for business, S Design committed itself to the same philosophies by which we operate today: an effective creative firm is not a formula, but an approach that begins with customer service, market research and a genuine interest in and understanding of our client’s services, products and missions.

In our early years, we cut our teeth working with local and regional nonprofit organizations, each with distinctive missions, backgrounds and goals. These efforts positioned S Design as the go-to firm, working with groups of diverse stake holders and distilling their complex messages to appeal to a wide audience base.

As S Design has grown, so has our clientele. We still collaborate with and value the non-profits who got us here, but our client roster is widely varied and includes educational institutions, healthcare providers, government agencies, retail, hospitality and publicly traded companies throughout the United States.

As the corporate environment changes daily, branding, marketing and design must as well. Based on our historical success, grounded in our basic founding principles and approach, S Design is positioned to continue to thrive as it partners with clients of all sizes and industries.

As one pretty smart guy once said: “Study the past if you would define the future.” Well, Confucius, S Design is set to do just that.