S Design’s approach to work is evident in the structure of our team. Our process compliments our proven philosophy that great design is a transparent vehicle that clearly translates your ideas to your audience. As part of our commitment to this approach, we have no account executives. Instead, you communicate and work directly with your creative team.

When you engage S Design, a designer or a writer is assigned as a project manager to lead the creative team and collaborate with you on your specific project. This project manager is your main contact at the studio for everything from timelines to color choices. This simplifies the creative process and alleviates miscommunication.

Our principal, Sarah Sears, oversees each of our projects as creative director. So, don’t be surprised if she pops into a meeting or gives you a call.

From designers to writers, web programmers to left-brained accounting professionals, we have a team with a genuine passion for what we do: creating intelligent, relevant, honest work that inspires people and shapes the way they view and experience the world. Our team members have varied backgrounds and experiences, and each of us is quirky, energetic and, yes, we’ll say it, smart. And while we all bring our own history and ideas to the table, we share one goal: to work as a team to develop and communicate meaningful brands.

Read the bio of our founder, Sarah Mason Sears, Principal