Valerie Naifeh Fine Jewelry Perfect Proposal Advertising Campaign

client: Valerie Naifeh Fine Jewelry see also: Valerie Naifeh Fine Jewelry Bridal Ring Advertisement

Valerie Naifeh is our type of girl. She is an acclaimed jewelry designer and local celebrity (she’s been on reality TV and makes a mean martini!) Naifeh Fine Jewelry is the storefront for Valerie’s line of designer and custom jewelry, along with some of the most exclusive jewelry labels.

Well-known among an established clientele, Valerie wanted to attract a younger crowd. What better time to start a relationship with a customer than to help with their engagement and wedding gifts?

Since promoting her wedding lines through an annual contest and advertising, Valerie’s store traffic and engagement ring sales have increased in a big way. But according to Valerie, her greatest reward is asking “Do you love your ring?” and never hearing anything other than: “I do.”