Ann Sherman Photography

client: Ann Sherman Photography

Ann Sherman Photography was formed in 1992 and is an expert in interior and art photography. With a background in photojournalism, news editing and teaching, Ann brings many different design perspectives to the table. Her craftsmanship has been acquired through a history in film photography. She understands how to remove herself from the work to create photos that capture and celebrate the art of the artist. When designing her brand we incorporated an unexpected and thoughtful detail with her personality and refined aesthetics.

The crisp, simple mark illustrates Ann Sherman’s attention to detail through the crop of her monogram. Coupled with a more traditional typeface, the play of the lower and upper case letters reflects a balance of professionalism and good nature. The mark is an abstract demonstration of her eye for composition as a photographer, and ability to capture the subject in an interesting way. The logo eliminates any extraneous illustrated iconography and is an elegant reflection of Ann’s sensibilities, intelligence and to the point demeanor.

Ann is implementing her identity into the rest of her materials and is proud to have beautiful business cards that represent her style so eloquently.