Body Body

client: Useful Product Inc.

The Body Buddy is a non-absorbent lotion applicator. It was previously marketed in the beauty industry as a lotion applicator and to senior citizens with limited mobility, but the inventor recognized its potential in the spa industry. Body Buddy had grassroots beginnings that had begun to take hold. However, the original logo was dated and reflected a more “homemade” product. In order to be taken seriously in the high-end spa markets, the mark needed reinvented.

Feedback from retail customers told us the branding needed to be more modern and spa-like. The original logo served as a descriptive mark to illustrate the use of the product, but now it was time for a brand that would look good on the shelf in the lobby of an upscale spa or retail space.

We designed a new brand to appeal to women of all ages. We left behind the handmade feel and went to a high-end retail look. The simple shapes in the logotype attest to the simplicity of the product, and the curved and stretched forms suggest not only the extended reach product itself, but the beauty of a well maintained female form.

We also introduced a more contemporary color palette, updating their teal to a vibrant green and rich brown that allowed the branding to feel at home in a clean, high-end retail or spa atmosphere while still standing out from competitors.

Since the introduction of the new brand, Body Buddy’s products have been stretching the competition.