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Caba was incorporated in 1987 as Cher A. Bumps and Associates. Since then, Caba has grown to be a leader in employee benefits provision throughout Oklahoma and the southwest. Caba has a client base in 27 states and developing and maintaining relationships with clients is its defining element. By providing clients with appropriate options and producing valuable benefit solutions and services, they have developed a reputation for customer service.

The company was changing their name and entering a new generation of business. Their experience had positioned them regionally but their brand identity was lagging. It was time for a more contemporary and refined look and feel in order to compete with national companies moving into their territory. Once we did some investigation we discovered that most of the clients called the organization “Caba”–which was their acronym. It was the perfect opportunity to change the name without losing any existing brand recognition.

The simple and modern design of the brand identity re-enforces the culture of the company. The new look is appropriate for the current insurance industry. Bright, bold colors with clean typography captures Caba’s culture. The square icon, with its relationship to the small black circle, symbolizes the companies position as either the support for small businesses or HR support to a large company…in other words, Caba is based on relationships.

All aspects of the company were transformed with the new brand identity, securing Caba as a leader on a local and national level. The brand materials display an authentic perspective on employee benefits and the fact that we all want to work in order to experience life, our families and our friends to the fullest. For these reasons, Caba focuses on customer relationships and supports clients with custom options and solutions.