Cultivate Your Life

client: Cultivate Your Life

Cultivate Your Life is a personal life coaching practice that supports individuals who feel stuck and need help to create a clear vision of what they want out of life. Through the co-creative process, the life coach helps the client gain clarity and insight into where they have been, where they are and where they want to go. Through focused listening and coaching, the client learns skills to help them set goals and create a life plan that gets results. Life coaching is a fairly new field, and Cultivate Your Life is positioned to be a trendsetter in that field.

Our client, Mary, wanted Cultivate Your Life’s brand identity to capture the process in life planning, and her desire to help individuals create a life they love living through nurturing their natural skills and talents. This organic process is reflected in the brand. The mark uses the organic leaf shape to form a spiral, which emphasizes the process and controlled growth as found in fibonacci numbers or the golden ratio. The shape also illustrates the process of growth and represents the path a life coach guides their client along. The color palette includes a fresh yellow green for growth and a lively red to represent the friction of change and the energy that follows. As green and red are opposite colors they play off one another nicely and vibrate to enhance the rhythm in the mark.

Several office hugs and staff trust falls later we coached Cultivate Your Life into the perfect brand solution. Thank you Mary.