Grow Conference Identity, Collateral and Ephemera

client: Oklahoma State Department of Energy

Oklahoma, known for its “black gold,” has a rich history in the oil and gas industry. But Oklahoma didn’t have much of a reputation as an environmentally progressive part of the industry. The State Secretary of Energy, working alongside researchers, investors, farmers and everyday citizens alike, set out to change that.

The state’s ranchers had grown switchgrass for years as a feed for cattle. The agricultural industry invested millions of research dollars into the creation of a sustainable and hardy variety for the industry. Turns out, switchgrass is a perfect raw material for biofuel, which puts Oklahoma at the forefront of the alternative energy movement.

GROW, The Oklahoma Biofuels Conference, boasts sold out attendance since 2006 and brings national energy experts to our state for a two-day conversation about Oklahoma’s biofuel industry. The conference brings together farmers, researchers and those who work in fuel refining, transportation and marketing to look forward and position our state as a leader in the creation of a renewable, plant-based transportation fuel.  The conference is a catalyst for conversations, new resources and collaborations.

Thanks to our PR partners at Anglin Public Relations, the conferences helped to define and position biofuels as a topic in Oklahoma. Over three years, they’ve generated more than 1,000 news stories about the conference in print, television, radio, websites and blogs. The value or commercial equivalency of these stories is more than $1 million.  This doesn’t include thousands of stories that mentioned biofuels in Oklahoma (without a direct relation to the conference), something that never happened prior to the first conference.

Oklahoma’s black gold is now green.