Oklahoma City Ad Club – 40th Addy Awards Invitation

client: Oklahoma City Ad Club

40th Annual Addy Awards – Call for Entries and Invitation

the greatest show on earth

The biggest spectacle in the industry, the ADDY’s, is an annual awards ceremony celebrating the best in advertising, design and marketing. For 39 years, the event had been the “it” event for the creative community, but in the last few years interest and participation had waned.

S Design was asked to create a campaign to increase submissions. We knew the best way to a creative’s heart is through design and we spared no detail.

Individual posters reminiscent of antique circus fliers depicted different stages of the design process. The reverse contained detailed information about the changes in the event and how to participate. Bundled and packaged in a letterpress brown kraft popcorn bag, you couldn’t bear not to look.

Our brave stunt worked. Submissions increased more than 30% and scholarship support rose for future clowns and trapeze artists (or, account executives and creative directors).

And, just in case you wondered, it’s no exaggeration–our gig really is the greatest show on earth.