Simon’s Petroleum San Francisco Retreat Invitation

client: Simon's Petroleum see also: Simon’s Petroleum Charleston Retreat Invitation

Simon’s Petroleum hosts 20-30 of its most loyal customers and vendors at a yearly retreat. Each year the four day event is held in a U.S. city full of legend and lore. While there, the guests stay at upscale hotels, dine in the most renown eateries and are treated to intimate tours of the area’s best attractions.

S Design partnered with Simon’s Petroleum to set the stage for the no-expense-spared trips. We created the invitations to be lavish pieces of art, unexpected and completely untraditional. Handprinted wall papers, antique photographs and hand bound books spark the curiosity of invitees.

We’ve heard long-standing plans for European tours have been cancelled after the receipt of one of the coveted invitations. We’re just waiting for our invitation in the mail.