Hunter’s Specialty Pharmacy

client: Hunter's Specialty Pharmacy

Hunter’s Specialty Pharmacy is dedicated to serving each of their patients with personalized pharmaceutical care. Their ability to provide customized service and their compassionate and knowledgeable pharmacists and staff sets them apart from other pharmaceutical providers.

While Hunter’s Specialty Pharmacy would be beneficial to anyone with pharmaceutical needs, the elderly, home bound and special needs customers could benefit most from Hunter’s Specialty Pharmacies services. They provide free delivery, guaranteed MOT (Medicine On Time), compounds, vaccines/injections, better pricing, excellent service, and an on-staff nurse who makes home visits. Their mobile MOT organizes customers’ medications by labeling each day or dose with time data, etc., to maintain their medication schedule. Customers experience better treatment outcomes because Hunter’s Specialty Pharmacy can customize their services to each client’s needs.

The Hunter’s Specialty Pharmacy brand identity represents the medications provided by Hunter’s Specialty Pharmacy as a healing, life-giving force through the image of the sunburst/growing organic bloom. The grouping of seven represents the idea that healing happens seven days a week for the customer, a tie to the MOT packaging service Hunter’s Specialty Pharmacy provides, and reflects Jan and Jeff Hunter’s values of being consistent, accurate and timely.

Office pens, embroidered employee polos, lab coats, pharmacy stationery and billing envelopes have all been transformed with this fresh new brand.