client: EDGE Policy Board

Oklahoma’s EDGE (Economic Development Generating Excellence) is a government entity that grants funding to truly worthy technology and innovation research applicants who are commercially viable. The endowments come from the EDGE fund, a $150 million and growing (with a goal of a billion) pool that will, with EDGE’s guidance, help drive commercially viable science and technology research for years to come in the state. Ultimately, this will keep Oklahoma’s science and technology superstars in Oklahoma, move innovations into the private sector and supercharge Oklahoma’s economy.

EDGE needed a brand identity that was clean and contemporary. This logotype shows Oklahoma’s ascension through EDGE, alluding visually to the marked progression EDGE is causing in Oklahoma in the technology and innovation fields. The first “E” has been reflected to become a staircase for Oklahoma. The bold typeface and upward staircase reinforce the positive change EDGE is bringing to Oklahoma in economic growth through technology and innovation funding.