Parent Promise

client: Parent Promise

While there are many exceptional child advocacy organizations in Oklahoma, The Exchange Club Center for the Prevention of Child Abuse of Oklahoma, Inc. was the only group solely dedicated to ending child abuse before it begins. In 2010, the organization approached S Design. They needed a new name and identity that would succinctly and powerfully reflect their extraordinary mission. With our help, they became “Parent Promise.”

The name has multiple levels of symbolism. A parent promise is the unspoken promise from parent to child that the parent will love, cherish and care for the child; it is a trust that should not be broken. Promise is an indication of future potential for excellence or achievement. Through free education programs and one on one visits, Parent Promise helps clients realize their full potential as parents. This promise is also a commitment that the organization makes to its clients and to the public: that it is dedicated to ending abuse before it begins.

The brand identity visualizes their mission. Multiple hearts, the universal symbol of love, are combined to form a star symbolizing Parent Promise as a guiding light to parents in need. A star is something that is wished upon and the combined meaning is a promise of love to a child. The five hearts represent the five protective factors Parent Promise teaches to clients, and the star within a star represents a parent’s potential to grow with Parent Promise’s aid, and to become a star in the life of their child.