Peter Fulmer

client: Peter Fulmer

Peter Fulmer has the answers when it comes to evaluating and selling a house. His eight years of experience as a Certified Residential Appraiser and many years in property management set him apart from other realtors, giving him a more complete and accurate perspective of the real estate market.

Similar to approaching a big brother or trusted friend, the Ask Peter Fulmer brand is presented as the “Answer Man” to all things real estate, a source that is experienced but not out-dated. Classic, comfortable and casual, the brand avoids a “gimmicky” or “cute” solution. The house speech bubble visually represents the question and answer exchange between Peter and his client. The modern typeface compliments the rounded corners of the house illustration and lends itself to the personable and approachable Peter Fulmer.

By the way, Peter also has all the answers to everything when it comes to sports, music and rotary. He’s a gem in the community and we were thrilled to work with him on this project.