Oklahoma Institute for Child Advocacy – KIDS COUNT Factbook 2007

client: Oklahoma Institute for Child Advocacy

The Factbook is published annually by the Oklahoma Institute for Child Advocacy as a resource for community leaders, legislators and child-welfare advocates. The publication must clearly illustrate statistical data on a wide range of social issues and explain the resulting implications for Oklahoma’s children and families.

S Design created this annual book, which is designed so the statistical information is easily comparable with past publications but also remains fresh and engaging. Complex graphs and tables are well organized while the narrative is structured to help the reader quickly navigate and find data about specific issues. Portraits of young Oklahomans provide an emotional connection and remind the reader of the reason for studying these statistics– to improve their health and opportunities.

As part of their commitment to provide a bright future for the state’s children, The Factbook is a green project. For the past 3 years, the piece has been printed on 100% post consumer waste paper manufactured with wind-generated electricity and FSC certified.

We like to call it practicing what you preach.