SandRidge Energy Annual Report

client: SandRidge Energy Inc.

Sandridge Energy issued its first annual report as a publicly traded company in 2007. For a young company with impressive resources, the report needed to convey how their technology allowed them to explore and extract previously hard to access crude in West Texas.

S Design was charged with the design of a report that speaks to very literal shareholders and communicates the spirit and adventure of the newly formed public company.

Noting the rugged beauty of the West Texas landscape, our inspiration was immediately apparent and a concept born. Just as the native flora adapted and survived in this rugged environment, we recognized a comparison to how Sandridge’s innovation created successful operations where others had struggled. Custom photography from SandRidge’s West Texas property would reinforce the analogy for their adaptability as well as their commitment to exploration and growth.

Appropriately titled “Thrive,” the 2007 Annual Report did just that, serving as a benchmark for their first year on the NYSE.