The Humphrey’s Company

client: The Humphrey's Company

The Humphrey’s Company is a third generation company with experience in freestanding retail development, real estate and commercial properties. The Company’s civic mindset, desire for urban revitalization and new contributions to the Oklahoma City landscape created a need for a new trademark to refresh their brand. The overall goal was to create a mark that said “Humphrey’s Creates Communities”.

The mark had to tie into a fresh urban aesthetic and so we looked for a simple and direct approach. On the surface, the mark relies on the importance of the family name and recognition, which we combined with the style of a placard to symbolize the connection to urban development. A placard often brands a building with the name of the developer or company who created it.

The mark has been applied to company stationery, personalized business cards, a website, collateral material and office signage. Grant Humphrey even purchased a ferris wheel for one of their newest development projects and we hope we can sneak a ride once it’s up and running.