Tina Brannon Logo

client: Tina Brannon

Since the of age 14, Tina Brannon has defied the odds not once, but twice, as she recently beat stage III breast cancer. Tina has chosen to believe in a power greater than cancer. She believes in miracles and love that heals. She believes the mind is powerful beyond measure. She believes that if we share our story with others facing similar trials, we inspire and we heal.

Today, Tina Brannon is living life to the fullest as a cancer coach, photographer and founder of a nonprofit, called Share Inspire Heal, that consists of a social network where people with cancer can be encouraged and share their personal stories. Whether through photography, books or other mediums, Tina Brannon’s work emphasizes life’s fleeting moments that if not documented would be lost in the shuffle of the everyday.

The Tina Brannon brand had to encompass the many facets of her work as well as well as portray its inspirational element. The hummingbird, while delicate and fragile physically (much like a cancer survivor), exhibits energy and determination as it moves from bloom to bloom. The hummingbird is also known in the Andes of South America as a symbol for resurrection. It represents Tina’s survival spirit well!